PMP 1TP July 2021

Join the Payment Mastering Program to become and remain a highly skilled payment professional in the next 12 months. Get access to 6 practical and content rich courses over a 10-week period. The bonuses are amazing and together with the courses, they will enable you to quickly move you to the next level.

Weeks 1 to 3 : 2 courses
Payments Fundamentals (11 Modules)
Understand and Master the SEPA Credit Transfer (10 Modules)

Week 4 and 5 : 1 course
Secrets for Your SEPA Credit Transfer projects (9 Modules)

Week 6 and 7 : 1 course
Initiation to Cross Border Payments (11 Modules)

Week 8 and 9 : 1 course
Master Cross Border Payments (11 Modules)

Week 10 : 1 course
Secrets for Your Cross Border Payments projects (11 Modules)

The amazing bonuses
1-Free access to the next course (Instant payments, the SEPA Direct Debit or Cash Management)
2-At least 5 content rich webinars

  • Webinar 1: Third-Party Payment Service Providers introduced by the Payment Service Directive 2
  • Webinar 2: Payment engines integration projects – the key challenges and best practices
  • Webinar 3: Virtual Account Management
  • Webinar 4: The ISO 20022 standard and how it is used in a few countries and regions of the world (Canada, Switzerland, SEPA Area, among others)
  • Webinar 5:the SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX standards – the key differences and advantages that MX brings over MT

Other surprises