PMP 6RP Sept 2022

Join the Payment Mastering Program to become and remain a highly skilled payment professional in the next 12 months. Get access to 6 practical and content rich courses. The bonuses are amazing and together with the courses, they will enable you to quickly move to the next level. We recommend that you take the courses in the following order and timeframe.

Weeks 1 to 3 : 2 courses
Payments Fundamentals (11 Modules)
Understand and Master the SEPA Credit Transfer (10 Modules)

Week 4 and 5 : 1 course
Secrets for Your SEPA Credit Transfer projects (9 Modules)

Week 6 and 7 : 1 course
Initiation to Cross Border Payments (11 Modules)

Week 8 and 9 : 1 course
Master Cross Border Payments (11 Modules)

Week 10 and 11 : 1 course
Secrets for Your Cross Border Payments projects (11 Modules)

The amazing bonuses
4 content rich webinars

  • Webinar 1: The ISO 20022 standard and how it is used in a few countries and regions of the world (Canada, Switzerland, SEPA Area, among others)
  • Webinar 2: the SWIFT MT and SWIFT MX standards – the key differences and advantages that MX brings over MT
  • Webinar 3: Payment engines integration projects – the key challenges and best practices
  • Webinar 4: Third-Party Payment Service Providers introduced by the Payment Service Directive 2

One year of support Q&A

Other surprises