How to understand and add value to your SCT Payment Project

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The first edition of the SCT Book was published in October 2018 with the aim to enable payment professionals to understand the SEPA Credit Transfer and how banks implement it – without having to read tons of documents. In this new edition, you find among others:


Simple explanations of key payment concepts like clearing, settlement, direct and indirect participants to CSM, payment processing value chain, payment engines and interfaces.


Answers to questions around ISO 20022 based SCT messages, the payment engines used to process them, and the other applications and systems involved in SCT processing.


Step-by-step descriptions of accounting and account balance management and their underlying principles.


Latest major developments in the SCT scheme, namely SCT Inquiry and SEPA migration to the 2019 version of the ISO 20022-based XML messaging standard.

What’s inside


Chapter 1 – The Four Corner Model of the SEPA Credit Transfer

Chapter 3 – The different Additional Optional Services of the SEPA Credit Transfer
Chapter 5 – What is a SEPA Credit Transfer?
Chapter 7 – The Graphical User Interface

Chapter 2 – The Standard ISO 20022 and the SCT implementations guidelines

Chapter 4 – The payment processing value chain
Chapter 6 – Booking and Account balance management
Chapter 8 – The payment engines in the Bank’s IT landscape



This book will enable you to save precious time and move to the fast track in your career in banking and payments.

“I have met few people who understand and can teach payments and SEPA Credit Transfer like Jean Paul.This book is a step-by-step guide to really master SCT and the payments topic for consultants and people implementing payments systems. Jean Paul makes payments incredibly easy for anyone.” – Jeroen Holscher, Global head of Cards and Payments at Capgemini.

About the author.

Jean Paul is a graduate engineer from Supélec in France and from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. He has 18+ years of experience in financial services and payments (including 7.5 years with Accenture and 4.5 years with Capgemini).
Jean Paul has successfully contributed to several projects related to the implementation of SEPA and cross-border payment hubs for major banking groups in France and abroad.

Jean Paul has held, among others, the roles of business analyst, quality and change manager, responsible of dress rehearsals and production go-live.

Jean Paul Megue