Our courses are available online in the form of modules that can be accessed anywhere and at any time. You can also follow a tutored training course in person or by distance learning.

Quizzes are integrated into the modules to make sure that the concepts have been understood properly. There is a summary quiz at the end of each module as well as a final exam at the end of each course for which a certificate can be obtained

Our courses are updated to take into account the changes and evolutions of the EPC schemes and SWIFT standards

Our courses are available online and in a tutored format with our instructor – in our office or remotely. If you decide to go with the tutored training, you will also get online access to the course material for one year with the possibility of renewal if you want

Boost your career in the payment industry and make your projects a success


More than 95% of our paymentees coming from more than 20 countries are satisfied with the quality of our achievements and the content of our trainings.

100% of our paymentees believe that what they learned in our training courses was useful to them in understanding and carrying out their projects in payment methods.

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Paymerix is a French based company specialized in trainings on payments and cash management. We offer courses for payment professionals, people who work for financial institutions or as consultants to support banks and fintechs in their payment projects

We create our courses with two main objectives:

  • Through simple and clear presentation of the concepts, we want to help you to understand payments, how it works at both country and international level and within financial institutions and corporations
  • To help you develop the skills needed to implement the payment engines and other systems used to manage payments and satisfy your demanding customers